June 2011 Community Appeal for Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS – Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton

June 2011 Community Appeal for Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS

Over two Shabbosim at the end of June, the community’s Rabbonim appealed to their respective congregations to support Hatzolah in meeting it’s annual budget. Hatzolah’s annual budget is approximately $100,000, of which 100% goes to operating expenses. There are no salaries and never has Hatzolah billed anyone for services provided. A follow up letter was mailed out to the community, reaching mailboxes this past Friday and Shabbos. Each family in the community is requested to join the Life Support program which will be used to cover the costs of operating Hatzolah. Hatzolah responds to over 500 calls a year with more than 300 requiring emergency transport to the Emergency Room.

As the summer travel season is now upon us, Hatzolah included in the mailing a Tefilas Haderech sticker, sponsored by Majestic Leasing and Louis B. Chapman, Attorney at Law – (973) 696-9600. The sticker included Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS’ emergency phone number as well as the phone numbers of surrounding Hatzolah organizations. Phone stickers were also included.

If you need more of either sticker for a second car or additional phones, please contact Hatzolah’s office at 973-685-4911 or by emailing info@hatzolahpassaic.net.

Update from Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS – June 2011

The Board of Directors and the Rabbinical Board of Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS would like to announce the following changes:

Dr. Natie Liebster has assumed role of President, replacing Founding Chairman Izzy Fogel. Izzy and his wife Blima have moved to Israel. Please continue to daven for Izzy who is in need of a Refuah (Alter Yisroel ben Chaya Rochel). In addition Marty Lovy has assumed the responsibilities of Vice President/Treasurer, while Moshe Zahler continues as secretary of the organization.

We would also like to welcome Yitzchak Buchen as the new Executive Director. Among Yitzchak’s other chesed endeavors, he is well known for his annual Yom Kippur appeal which raises much needed funds for other worthy organizations in the community.

Much appreciation is due to the outgoing Executive Director, George Matyjewicz for his almost three years of service. George worked on numerous fundraisers, events and utilized his extensive business management experience for the benefit of Hatzolah and the community.

We are also pleased to announce that Eli Radinsky has joined the Board of Directors. Eli is replacing founding Board Member, Dr. Elliot Samet. Eli is a member of Tifereth Israel and brings along a wealth of finance experience.

We would like to thank Dr. Samet for his three plus years of service on the Board and for his continuing dedication to Hatzolah.

Fourth Annual Passaic – Clifton Community Wide Health and Safety Fair – June 19, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011, Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS and the Bikur Cholim of Passaic-Clifton once again hosted a Health and Safety Fair
for the community. For a full report, photos and video click here.

Hatzolah visits YBH of Passaic

Hatzolah visited the YBH of Passaic’s Pre-School division to help the kinderlach learn about the letter “Hey.” The children, accompanied by their Morahs, came out and received a grand tour of the ambulance (P-01) . On hand from Hatzolah were Heshy Cohen, Moshe Raider and David Schlachter. The members took the opportunity to provide some safety tips to the children and the children presented the money they collected over the last year for Hatzolah to the members. Tizku Lemitzvos!