4th Annual Passaic Health and Safety Fair – Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton

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4th Annual Passaic Health and Safety Fair

Health and Safety Fair Pictures Photos by Gordi Studio.

For the 4th consecutive year, Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton and the Bikur Cholim of Passaic- Clifton, can truly be proud of the community wide health and safety fair that they have partnered together to organize and present.

This past Sunday, June 19th 2011, over a thousand men, women and children gathered at the Bnos Bracha High School to enjoy the annual fair that has become an eagerly anticipated event and one that is synonymous with both education and fun.

A large variety of free health screenings were offered, and adults and children of all ages took advantage of the opportunity to interface with health professionals and engage in meaningful exchanges about health related issues. The atmosphere was festive as participants opened eyes and mouths wide to receive vision and dental screenings while holding on tightly to their balloons! (Thank you Drs. Horwitz, Grunstein and Stern!) Many safety experts were also available to discuss all sorts of safety related issues from home security systems (EMS security systems) to tips for effective pest control. The Avrahami brothers from Yosef Avrahami Contracting even brought some real mice to drive home the point and engage curious children! The City of Passaic brought an interactive germ machine that enabled individuals to learn more about the germs on their own hands, while other presenters focused on promoting healthier lifestyles through healthy eating. Health coach, Yaakov Rosenthal, had a wonderful visual aid to help illustrate just how much sugar is contained in the drinks so many of us enjoy regularly. Personal chef, Leslie Morrison also contributed to raising awareness about health and nutrition, and offered up a lively demonstration of how to create a delicious looking summer salad filled with “super foods”. And the list goes on and on. Mental health providers joining the fair to help raise awareness about mental health issues in our community and encouraging folks to get the help they need. Dermatologists providing information about updates in skin care (thank you Dr. Whitworth for a wonderful and informative presentation) and attorneys educating consumers about their rights for children with disabilities or specific health concerns (thank you Stephen Schwartz).

Of course, a Hatzolah ambulance, as well as a Passaic fire engine and vehicles from both the Passaic County Sherriff and the Passaic police department were on hand for participants to tour and learn about, and the service men were delighted to answer questions and share information about their crucial jobs. Magician Ben Cohen and twin acrobatic super-stars aka The Twins From France helped to make the event even more entertaining and memorable and dazzled young and old alike. Thanks so much to all of the dedicated volunteers from Bikur Cholim and Hatzolah who made this event possible. Thanks to all of the fair’s corporate sponsors for partnering with these wonderful organizations to bring quality programming to our community. And thanks to the entire Passaic-Clifton Kehillah for coming out to share in the festivities!