In August four members of Hatzolah of Passaic-Clifton will begin their 200 Clinical Intern hours at St. Mary’s General Hospital as part of their Paramedic Certification education program at National Medical Education & Training Center. Read the article here

On Wednesday, June 10, 2009, Bais Torah U’Tefilah once again provided the location for a very important and informative class on Pediatric Spinal Immobilization. Unlike a regular municipal EMS system, a large percentage of calls that Hatzolah responds to is for pediatric patients. Many of those calls involve falls and immobilization. Dr. Michael Rosen, Director of Pediatrics at Newark’s Beth Israel Hospital and Hatzolah’s Medical Director, gave the class.

Second Annual Passaic – Clifton Community Wide Health and Safety Fair – June 7, 2009

On Sunday, June 7, 2009, Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS and the Bikur Cholim of Passaic-Clifton once again hosted a Health and Safety Fair for the community. Crowd estimates ranged from 1500-2000 attendees. Attendees were able to browse more than 30 booths relating to their personal health and safety. Many health screenings were provided free of charge, such as vision, glucose, dental, scoliosis, blood pressure and more. There were even booths dealing with computer/internet safety! Children received balloons and everyone was able to enjoy free healthy snacks- bottled water, fresh fruit and hot popcorn. For a full report and photos, click here.

Hatzolah of Passaic / Clifton EMS attends full day EVOC Course

On Sunday May 3rd, all the members of Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS completed an Emergency Vehicle Operators Course. This training course, offered and mandated by our insurance company, provided our members with valuable guidelines, rules, and procedures in how to safely operate vehicles in emergency mode, when responding to calls for help. The lessons learned will be applied by the members, both when responding in their private vehicles as well as with the ambulances. The classroom lecture portion was followed by hands-on driving of the ambulances through multiple maneuvers. Everyone came away with valuable lessons, tools and knowledge that will help us better serve our community safely.

Hatzolah would like to thank the following individuals for ensuring this course be as successful as it was:

  • Mr. Robert L. Pardy – Course Instructor
  • Rabbi Heshie Hirth – For allowing us to use the YKP Preschool for the classroom portion
  • Mr. Betzalel Wagner – For allowing us to use his parking lot for the driving portion
  • Mr. Eli Klein (P-18)/Rainbow Appliances and Mr. Hymie Gluck/Bagel Munch – for providing Breakfast
  • Mr. Teddy Cohen/Jerusalem Pizza- for providing Lunch

Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS placed ads in numerous online and print venues (Around Town and Jewish Local Pages) to promote awareness about safety on Purim.

Shiurim and Training

Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS volunteer responders and dispatchers gather on a regular basis for Shiurim in Hilchos Shabbos, Continuing Education and dispatching classes. Additionally the Executive Board of Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS meets on a continuing basis.

Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS is proud to participate in the weekly Yiddle League games which take place every Sunday throughout the Summer at the Clifton Y. As hundreds of youngsters participate, it is important that medical assistance be readily available if the need CH”V arises.

YBH of Passaic Hachnosas Sefer Torah

Yeshiva Beis Hillel of Passaic (YBH) recently completed the writing of a new Sefer Torah, and held the Hachnosos Sefer Torah on Memorial Day, May 26, 2008. Many community members attended.

To ensure the health and safety of parade participants, YBH officials requested assistance from Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS. Hatzolah was pleased to have a standby ambulance on-site throughout the festivities, and two members to monitor the crowd, in cooperation with the Passaic Police Department.

Dr. Alan Rozanski spoke about his approach to promoting health and vitality in today’s stressful, fast-paced world. This lecture was arranged by Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS and the Bikur Cholim of Passaic-Clifton.

The lecture took place on Tuesday, July 29, at 8 PM, at Bais Torah Utefilah (BTU) and was attended by a large crowd. Dr Rozanski provided a very educational and entertaining lecture which held the audience spellbound.

Dr. Rozanski,a noted cardiologist, is on the faculty of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is an attending cardiologist at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital. Dr. Rozanski has published extensively in the field of nuclear cardiology, and has been the principal investigator in numerous major national and international trials. He is involved in ongoing research regarding the effects of the regression of coronary artery disease through diet and/or lipid lowering drugs.

The lecture is part of a regular program of health initiatives, presented jointly by Bikur Cholim and Hatzolah, to the Passaic and Clifton communities.

Hatzolah is a volunteer, life-saving organization, composed of neighbors, co-workers, fellow Shul members and acquaintances always there when you need them and always willing to provide assistance. One of our priorities is ongoing Halachik and Medical Education training. Recently, New Jersey allowed EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians), to administer Epinephrine in certain scenarios to victims of Anaphylactic Shock (Allergic Reaction). In the past EMT’s had to wait for ALS (Advanced Life Support) to provide this life saving intervention. New Jersey required an intensive full day course on Epinephrine’s administration. Hatzolah jumped at this new opportunity to save lives, and the course was set up immediately.

On Chol Hamoed Succos, Hatzolah Coordinator Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter hosted a Simchas Bais Hashoeivah for the members and dispatchers of Hatzolah. Harav Nosson Weissman Shlita, Mashgiach of Yeshiva Gedola of Passaic, delivered Divrei Brocha.

Hatzolah visited the Yeshiva Ktana of Passaic’s Pre-School division to help the kinderlach learn about the letter “Hey.” The children, accompanied by their Morahs, came out and received a grand tour of the ambulance (P-01) . On hand from Hatzolah were Rabbis Moshe Perlmutter and Heshy Cohen. The members took the opportunity to provide some safety tips to the children.

Continuing Education – Start Triage

In a continuing effort to provide top notch training and education for the members of Hatzolah so they can be prepared, Hackensack University provided a class on Start Triage. Triage is the method used to determine priority patients in a mass casualty incident lo aleinu. Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton would like to thank Mr. Glenn MacDonald of Hackensack University Medical Center for arranging this particular class at no cost to Hatzolah. Dinner was provided by Glatt Mart and hosted by Bais Medrash Zichron Eliezer.

Hatzolah members were priveliged to attend a Shiur on Hilchos Shabbos and Pikuach Nefesh from Rabbi Heshy Kleinman, a longtime member of Flatbush Hatzoloh and their Halachik liasion. While the Piskei Halacha that Flatbush Hatzoloh follow are not always the same Piskei Halacha that Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS follows, almost all of the scenarios are the same. Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS is committed to constantly enhancing the Halachik knowledge of our first responders, as well as ensuring that our level of care is in line with the latest techniques in emergency medicine.

Hatzolah recently took delivery on two brand new Ferno 35x ProFlexx stretchers. These stretchers are the latest and best in providing added stability and ease of lifting and loading ability; both very important safety functions.

One stretcher was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Zahler in memory of Mr. Sy Kraut A”H. The second stretcher was donated by Moshe and Tifarah Stareshefsky in memory of Moshe’s grandparents, Joe and Lil Stareshefsky A”H, who were longtime members of the Passaic community.

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