Hatzolah Attends Lecture From Dr. Ruth Borgen, Director of the Pediatric Emergency Room at Hackensack University Medical Center – Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton

Hatzolah Attends Lecture From Dr. Ruth Borgen, Director of the Pediatric Emergency Room at Hackensack University Medical Center

On Wednesday, January 18, Hatzolah was privileged to attend a lecture from Dr. Ruth Borgen. Dr. Borgen is Director of the Pediatric Emergency Room at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Dr. Borgen lectured on the causes and treatment for common Pediatric calls we respond to, such as Croup Attacks and Febrile Seizures. These usually end up having an excellent outcome.

As the Passaic/Clifton community is B-H blessed with many children, a high percentage of calls that Hatzolah responds to is for Pediatric Emergencies, lo aleinu. Most hospital transports go to Hackensack and Dr. Borgen is a familiar face in the Pediatric Emergency Room to the members of Hatzolah.

Hatzolah members also had the opportunity to ask Dr. Borgen questions on related medical topics.

In attendance as well was Dr. Michael Rosen, who in addition to being Hatzolahs medical director, is also the Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.

Much thanks to our gracious host, Tifereth Israel for enabling this and other lectures to be presented in their ballroom.

Kisleiv 5772 /December 2011 Chanukah Safety Initiative
It is, however, important to ensure the safety of your family and avoid fire hazards when lighting your menorah.

Choose a menorah that’s sturdy and made of fire-safe materials.
Clear the table from all flammable materials like papers and plastic items where you put your menorah.
Never put your menorah in closed areas like spaces between cabinets or bookshelves.
If you are to display your menorah in your window, make sure that your curtains are not too close to the candle’s flames.
Never leave lit candles unattended.
Do not let children or pets play around the area where the menorah is placed.
Always keep a fire extinguisher in your home for emergency use.
Know where your fire extinguisher is located! WATER WILL NOT PUT OUT AN OIL FIRE.
On a recent Chanukah, a member of Hatzolah and his family were extremely lucky. He used PRE-FILLED PLASTIC CUPS which caught fire during the night. His Menorah was destroyed and the porch where the Menorah was located was full of soot when the family woke up in the morning. It could have been much worse. Lessons learned: Do not use pre-filled plastic cups and never leave a lit Menorah unattended. Click here to see the poster.

In case of fire, CALL 911 and Hatzolah IMMEDIATELY!
Hatzolah Members Meet With Passaic City Councilmen
On Tuesday, December 13, Hatzolah of Passaic / Clifton EMS members were addressed by City Council President and Assemblyman Gary Schaer, Councilman Chaim Munk and Councilman Daniel Schwartz. The Councilmen expressed their appreciation for the vital work that Hatzolah does for the community and also discussed ways to enhance Hatzolah’s ongoing relationship with the other emergency agencies in Passaic, including the Police Department, Fire Department and EMS.

After each Councilman addressed the members, the members were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Hatzolah is committed to building and maintaining a positive and meaningful relationship with the emergency agencies in Passaic and this meeting strengthened the resolve to continue to work together for the benefit of the citizens of Passaic.